East Meets Pulse report

We had a great exhibition at Pulse. Thank you so much for visiting us!

East Meets Pulse project - final selection!

Exciting Japanese design labels confirmed for East Meets Pulse exhibition

Participating brands:

CORGA www.corga.ruboa.com

Function and beauty combine to create simple, streamlined structures. Soft, warm shapes that fit your lifestyle as naturally as the air you breathe.  

DI CLASSE www.di-classe.com

Inspired by the natural world yet emphatically urban in tone. Affordable lighting made from natural materials, characterized by beautiful, fragile simplicity.  

KAMI-NO-KOUSAKUJO www.kaminokousakujo.jp

A single sheet of 4-sided paper becomes an original work of the imagination. A decidedly urban take on the traditional Japanese art of origami. 


METAPHYS www.metaphys.jp

This collection applies theories of "Design of Behaviour", aiming to create an interaction between product and user. METAPHYS have taken something as rooted in ancient living as a candle and given it a thoroughly modern makeover.

TIDY www.teramoto.co.jp

“TIDY”- Teramoto Industrial Design Yard have created a range of smart, design led and functional household products.


Noto Fusai to participate in East Meets Pulse

This time we're doing it for the kids!

We are pleased to tell you that wonderful art duo, Noto Fusai, are sending over the kids' collection of their hit T-shirt label, Shikisai. Essentially mini versions of the products for big people but showing motifs that are relevant to the very young.


In addition to Shikisai's kids range, Japanesey are pleased to be involved in the debut of their art lablel, Canvasworks. Called "functioning works of art" the collectionof art pieces to be hung in the home includes urgan and natural landscapes featuring, for example, a working clock, an actual letter rack and a plug-in for electrical appliances, all as integral parts of the piece. Enjoy the pictures - and come see the show!


East Meets Pulse Exhibition

Japanesey to host exhibition of Japanese interior accessory design brands

6th to 8th June, 2010
Earl's Court, London
Booth L58

In collaboration with Japanese design office h-concept, Japanesey introduce a cherry-picked selection of gifts and accessories from Japan in celebration of the theme "Japan Now". The works of today's designers spring from a creative pool of traditional ideas of form and function intermingled with strong Western influences. Rather than the yen for all things Western that was one of the dominant features of Japanese design in the post-war period, there is a very real sense of returning to traditional materials and production methods, albeit with a modern, internationalised twist.

The Japanese idea of "yo no bi" (that beauty is to be found in functionality) is given voice in the works of TIDY and Metaphys whilst Kami-no-kousakujo showcase the dexterity with which today's Japanese product designers approach an everyday material such as paper to create an entirely innovative craftpiece - a decidedly urban take on the traditional art of Japanese origami. Conversely, Metaphys have taken a relatively modern material in acrylic to recreate something as rooted in ancient living as a candle. This experimental approach is prevalent amongst the designers we have selected as is attention to detail, always a key element of Japanese crafts and manufacturing. More practically speaking, we wanted very much to ensure that the work of all exhibitors remained both commercially viable and new to the UK market - we figured there was little sense in showcasing products with which British people were already familiar.

Zen, manga, authentic, traditional, pop - modern Japanese designers have incorporated elements from each and every aesthetic movement in celebration of form and function. Just as the modern visitor to Tokyo can find the stillness of a silent tea ceremony amongst the bright lights and cartoonish vibrancy of the urban landscape, Japanesey and h-concept have curated a selection of products that speak of the myriadical multi-culture of Japan Now.

Japanesey to become UK agents for design label, +d

Japanesey are pleased to announce that we are now official UK agents for popular Japanese design label, +d (www.plus-d.co.jp). The brand, brainchild of Tokyo based design office, h-concept (www.h-concept.jp), offers a constantly updated collection of lifestyle accessories, stationery and gifts each designed by an individual designer or design team. Popular in Japan with museum shops including MOMA and other high end interior design shops, in the UK +d products are sold at, amongst others, the Design Museum, My Living Space and Tea Smith in Spitalfields. Please contact Japanesey with any wholesale enquiries.